The Best Love is Free 2011

In honor of our current barf-inducing holiday, the second annual "The Best Love is Free" was held at Fineline Music Cafe in Minneapolis last night, and was anything but the usual valentines day cliche. For one, it was a rap party. Completley organized and directed by Culture Cry Wolf's high energy frontman MC Adam "Botzy" Botsford, the night popped off with both Botzy and MC Wesley Opus spitting rhymes on a happy crowd. As the venue became more and more packed we heard sets from Kristoff Krane, El Guante & BigCats!, DJ Fundo SoulCrate, and Culture Cry Wolf.
Complete with a competition for "Best Dressed", Fineline's second level held a line for the photobooth, and local photographer Drew Carlson was behind the flashbulb. Which, in my opinion was WAY cooler than a kissing booth.

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