Wants Vs Needs February Edition

So its that time again, that third Friday of each month when the coolest DJ Crew in Minneapolis sets up their tables at Clubhouse Jager to put on a serious dance party. The Wants vs. Needs crew was formed in the summer of 2009, and consists of a good looking group of local DJs, whose only aim is "To make you happy." DJ Anton, Booka B, So Gold, Petey Wheatstraw, and DJ Espada, spin everything from hip hop to funk, R&B, and even some electro thrown in the mix. Get there early to cop a limited edition T shirt designed each month by Adam Garcia, AKA The Pressure. Check out their blog to stay current on track releases and other venues you can find the crew at throughout the month. Wants vs. Needs, kids. And if ya dont know, now ya know.


The Best Love is Free 2011

In honor of our current barf-inducing holiday, the second annual "The Best Love is Free" was held at Fineline Music Cafe in Minneapolis last night, and was anything but the usual valentines day cliche. For one, it was a rap party. Completley organized and directed by Culture Cry Wolf's high energy frontman MC Adam "Botzy" Botsford, the night popped off with both Botzy and MC Wesley Opus spitting rhymes on a happy crowd. As the venue became more and more packed we heard sets from Kristoff Krane, El Guante & BigCats!, DJ Fundo SoulCrate, and Culture Cry Wolf.
Complete with a competition for "Best Dressed", Fineline's second level held a line for the photobooth, and local photographer Drew Carlson was behind the flashbulb. Which, in my opinion was WAY cooler than a kissing booth.


"And can bring fine results"

Summer in the city. My days off are filled with home made Mojitos, backyard suntanning, Hidden Beach (if you don't know where this is, ask anyone under 30 in minneapolis!) Basement shows, and my current addictions: Vietnamese food in St Paul. My favorites include Pho Ca-Dao, Saigon (the best BAHN MI!) and Tay-Ho, which are all on University Avenue.


Night Kitchen

There are few things in life more satisfying than staying up late and making things, especially if you are making things you can EAT afterwards. Especially if those things have been inspired by my recently discovered food blog, Smitten Kitchen. This infinite gamut of recipes was created by Deb and her husband, all in her tiny New York City apartment. Believe me, we are obsessed. Down to the recipe for "How to make iced coffee", every last recipe has turned out flawlessly. Its one o clock in the morning guys, and these Bleu cheese & Scallion Biscuits are the epitome of flawless.