The Offbeat Generation

  A group of writers who call themselves "The Offbeat Generation" has currently pricked my interest, mainly for their anti-bourgeoisie, often vulgar themes, loose style, and hostility towards mainstream publishers. Coined by brit-lit Andrew Gallix of 3:AM Magazine, the off beat generation is a young conglomeration of styles, mostly focusing on commonplace experiences of the low-middle to lower classes. Notably web-based, themes include drugs, alcoholism, sex, alienation, poverty, non-conformity, anger, ect. 
Arena describes them as: "Young, untamed, good-looking and as influenced by punk rock as they are by Proust, a new wave of loosely-linked writers dubbed The Off-Beat Generation have been blitzing the net"
Worth Checking: Gallix, Ben Myers, Tony O'Neill, Joseph Ridgewell, Adelle Stripeand Matthew Coleman.

Closely related to the Brutalist writers.

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